LED Propaganda Vehicles

LED Propaganda Vehicles are a quite effective way to carry marketing messages. It is an instant way of communicating to an audience.


Different vibes generate diverse tribes of brands.

Now you can advertise in style through the Screen Field Advertising Propaganda Mobile Vehicles. APS is the pioneer of LED propaganda vehicles in Sri Lanka since 2012. APS was able to add a new dimension to advertising with the introduction of these LED propaganda vehicles.

The LED Propaganda Mobile Vehicles consist of;

High quality sound systems
Mini stages
LED panels
Live streaming cameras
Customized arrangements based on client requirements.
Chassis Brand
IZUZU or any other chassis required by the customer,
Hydraulic Lifting and Supporting System
To lift up and lower the screen according to the customer’s desire.
Sound proofed Generator
Very quiet but powerful generator to power up the led screen
LED screen
10mm dot pitch High quality screens.
Power Parameter
03 phase

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